Do I Really Need to Pack the Second Jar of Peanut Butter?

I breathed a sigh of relief as I walked home after my final exam. Finally, I had time to relax, and it hit me that I was leaving for Thailand in few days. I must finish my packing! As I trudged through the nearly deserted Marquette campus, I pulled my parka closer to warm myself from the falling snow and sharp wind of the season’s first winter storm. Thankfully, my winter parka would not be accompanying me to Thailand. Goodbye winter clothes… hello shorts and sandals. In my dorm room, my belongings were packed and ready to go home. Finals were over! Now it was time to face the daunting task of packing for my trip abroad.

I’d actually been preparing lists, buying necessities, and planning what to pack for several weeks. Back at home, I pulled out two suitcases and began filling them with summer clothes and the required school uniform for Mahidol International University. Shoes, make-up, hair products, rain gear, camera, peanut butter, Starbursts and Skittles, granola bars, another jar of peanut butter – the suitcases filled up so quickly! Finals seemed easy compared to packing everything I wanted into two measly suitcases.

Since I would be wearing a uniform to school, I didn’t have to pack quite as many clothes. But packing the clothes for my anticipated weekend adventures was still difficult (who knows, I might need my sparkly blue dress!). If I’m there for 14 weeks, that’s 98 days, of which I’ll be in classes (i.e. wearing said uniform) 56 days, leaving 42 free days to explore. Ten to 15 extra outfits should be enough, right? And for lazy days, I need my hammock (hey, it folds up really small!). Yes, it all fits! My final consideration was to make sure I had enough space to bring home souvenirs. Do I really need two jars of peanut butter? Well, I’ll eat them both which will free up space in my suitcases for the trip home. My plan should work.

Despite making numerous lists and unpacking and repacking everything three times, I still feel that I may be forgetting something. I fear that I’ll forget something important and I won’t be able to find it in Thailand. And if that happens, will my mom ship it to me or will I have to do without it? Hopefully, this feeling is just nerves about flying across the world.

I’m excited that my adventure in Thailand begins shortly! Being home for Christmas has been a nice break, but I’m sick of the cold and snow. I’m willing to trade the cold for the Thailand heat, even if it means my curly hair will frizz and my makeup will melt. I’m ready for a change. I’m ready to experience a new country and make new friends! And I’m ready to ditch my heavy parka until next winter!


Everything fits in two suitcases – too bad there isn’t enough room for my cat!


One thought on “Do I Really Need to Pack the Second Jar of Peanut Butter?”

  1. I enjoyed your blog. Thanks for posting so we can hear all about your adventures! Lucky you to be in summer clothes. It’s 8 here, but the wind chills are negative. . . Have fun!

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