When midterms are over – you’ve got to treat yo self!

This week I actually had to study (ugh). I was hoping that the “study” in study abroad would be optional (ha ha). Unfortunately, it was midterms week. Luckily, I only had two tests! Midterms are a big deal here—like finals back at Marquette, so all of us students were spending endless hours cramming for the big midterm tests. My tests went smoothly, and to celebrate midterm week being over, my friends and I decided to treat ourselves to a night out in Bangkok to hit up the infamous rooftop bars.


The first rooftop bar we went to was 30 stories high and called Brewski. The view of the city at night was spectacular! We sat and drank “expensive” beers (just because we are in the sky, the prices skyrocket)—thankfully, expensive here is still only about $4.

rooftop-barCheers to great friends and to being done with midterms!

The next roof top bar, Skytrain Jazz Bar, was only about 10 stories high. The music was a lot of fun, and this place had more reasonable prices, so we all got fries to share—because you can never go wrong with fries. By the time we were ready to leave, the train system was closed. Since we were in no rush to call a cab, we went to the McDonalds for ice cream (which was only 10 baht and tasted better than in the States)!

rooftop-bar-7Of course, Paige got more “Rebecca Cuddles!”

On Saturday, we all slept in late. It was actually my first time since being here that I got to sleep in and have a relaxing morning. During the week at the grocery store, we managed to find Kraft macaroni and cheese (we were super excited!), so Val and I made this for our breakfast and then went to Mahidol School of Music to watch the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra play. It was a great concert—despite not having any oboe (my favorite instrument) soloists.

After the concert, we took the bus back into Bangkok (lot of public transportation this weekend). A few weeks previously, I spotted a skirt at the main bus station that I regretted not buying, so my wonderful friends timed me and gave me only five minutes to find it and buy it. They were skeptical of my amazing shopping skills. I found it, bartered the price down, and paid all within four minutes. (That has to be some kind of record!) We headed to JJ Market and got snow-cones and hotdogs before shopping like crazy. All the winter items were cheap as “winter” is ending here, so I bought a few dresses that I know will be nice when I go home to the chilly Wisconsin weather. There is something about shopping at a market that is really memorable (and buying Birkenstocks for $6 is unforgettable).

snowconesThe snow-cones were great. My crazy hair was NOT! Oh, the humidity here!

Sunday was another relaxing day. Paige and I got up somewhat early to beat the midday heat. (Well, I mainly got up early to attempt to listen to the Marquette basketball game, but the poor WiFi made it impossible to catch the game). We explored Phutthamonton Park, which is only about a mile and half from our house. Within the park is the tallest free-standing Buddha statue in the world. Since it was National Marquette Day back at school, I showed my school spirt and posed in front of the statue with my “We Are Marquette” sign. Despite getting up early, the heat was still bad (already 87 degrees by 9:30 a.m.)!

Phutthamonton Park.jpgNational Marquette Day… we are Marquette!

We had fun exploring and were basically the only people in the park, which is always a treat. We ended up buying a big bag of bread for a dollar to feed the fish. We assumed the fish would be small, but they were enormous, and we kept joking that they were actually dolphins (they were seriously huge). Feeding the fish was so much fun—we enjoyed it immensely.

It was kind of nice not travelling far this weekend and instead spending more time getting to know the area surrounding our house and exploring Bangkok—we have a lot more of Bangkok to cover in the next two months!

rooftop-bar-4A beautiful view… of Bangkok from 30 stories above the city.

rooftop-bar-5When aren’t mirror selfies a good idea?


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